Ferris Wheel Fun Beach House Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™

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Vacation vibes are plentiful in the KidKraft Ferris Wheel Fun Beach House, where kids get double the excitement with a two-sided dollhouse. The pier-and-beam-styled design boasts a sunny beach house on one side and a thrilling boardwalk with a real rotating Ferris wheel! A two-sided mat extends the play. Sit out on the beach with your towel and cooler or rest back at the house in the hammock. Then, head over to the boardwalk for games and thrills. Take a ride on the turning Ferris Wheel or grab a bite to eat. There's always plenty to do in the Ferris Wheel Fun Beach House by KidKraft.


19 total furniture & play pieces, including cooler, umbrella and towel for a trip to the beach. Two-sided (house and boardwalk) for full 360-degree play for multiple kids to play with ease. Ferris wheel really works—up to 3 dolls can ride.  

Minimum recommended age: 3 years old

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