Jade the Magical Touch Dragon

Dhs. 299.00
Enjoy endless imaginative play and interactive lights & sounds with this plush dragon.

Fun Interactive Lights & Sounds

Jade the Dragon comes to life with its built-in interactive lights and sounds! Pressing the button on Jade’s head or petting the nose activates playful music and sounds that your child is sure to love. The dragon’s horns also light up as the dragon moves, filling the room with magic! Jade’s sound module also features an on/off switch and two volume settings for quieter adventures.

360° Caster Wheels

EZ-Glide™ 360° wheels allow a full range of movement while making for a comfortable ride! Safe for both indoor and outdoor use, Jade’s wheels ensure that the fun can continue from hardwood floors to the driveway or sidewalk.

Plush Friendly Face

Your child’s new best friend is built for hugs! With a soft and plush face, Jade is perfect for cuddling between rides. Jade also features textured fabric and crinkle wings for multi-sensory play as your little one explores with their favorite animal friend.


Age Range: 1-3 Years

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