Luxe Life 2-in-1 Airport & Jet

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Travel in style with the Luxe Life 2-in-1 Airport & Jet from KidKraft. This wooden play set provides a unique site for dolls to act out adventures. All aspects of plane travel are represented, and with the spinning base, it's easy to go between the two sides. Check in and grab your boarding pass when you arrive. Then venture upstairs to grab a quick snack before your flight. Go to your gate when it's time to board. Upon entering the plane, find your seat and stow all luggage in the overhead compartment. Then sit back, relax with your rainbow neck pillow and let the captain in the cockpit soar through the skies. When the seatbelt sign is off, feel free to roam to the lavatory if needed. When you land, don't forget to pick up your luggage from the spinning baggage carousel. Then, check the board for your next connection! Bon voyage! Check out other travel with KidKraft's Luxe Life 2-in-1 Cruise Ship & Island play set too!


2 levels and 7 play areas. Two sides for 360˚ play: airplane interior on one side; airport on the other. Entire structure spins on its base for easy access to both sides. 15+ play pieces including fun travel accessories like a rainbow neck pillow, suitcase and passport. 

Minimum recommended age: 3 years old

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