Armani Prive Rouge Malachite EDP 100ML

Dhs. 980.00
Discover the Armani / Privé Rouge Malachite fragrance, a fantastic red stone enclosing a carnal and opulent tuberose that pulsates beneath the icy lands of Russia.

Rouge Malachite and Vert Malachite are a duo of fragrances that pay homage to Russia, the land that inspired and excited Giorgio Armani. Rouge Malachite is the expression of the varied Russian culture that fascinates Giorgio Armani with its mysterious and intoxicating power. It is a land of contrasts, of mysterious strength and power, where temptation and passion pulsate beneath the frozen surface.

This fantastic red stone creation reveals the tuberose in its opulence and voluptuousness. A carnal accord with exuberant notes oscillates between strength and sweetness, while the delicacy and intensity of the flowers reveals a creamy, sensual, almost obsessive fragrance.

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