Effortlessly Beautiful Box

by Roses
Dhs. 220.00

Introducing our Effortlessly Beautiful Box, a stunning arrangement of vibrant blooms meticulously curated to radiate elegance and charm. Each flower, expertly arranged, exudes natural beauty and grace, making it the perfect gift to brighten any space effortlessly. Let this exquisite box be your expression of love, appreciation, or celebration.

Product details:

  • Small (2 Hydrangea White, 4 Rose, 5 Eucalyptus, 5 Carnation, 1 Chrysanthemum decco)
  • Medium (1 Hydrangea, 8 Roses, 3 Eucalyptus, 8 Carnation, 3 Lisianthus, 2 Chrysanthemum deco)
  • Large (1 Hydrangea, 13 Roses, 4 Eucalyptus, 10 Carnation, 5 Lisianthus, 4 Chrysanthemum deco)


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