Hilltop Playset - FSC

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It's five-alarm fun with the Hilltop Playset from KidKraft. The cool fireman's pole provides another level of activity to this three-story fort. Spend some time make-believing in the lower-level playhouse. A BBQ grill with food and utensil gets the creative juices flowing. Climb the rock wall ladder up to the next level and try a game of tic-tac-toe with a friend. From this level, there are two slide options—a twisty tube slide or double straight slide for racing. Ascend to the Crow's nest and feel the breeze while you navigate play with a telescope and steering wheel. Back on the ground, get those legs moving with two belt swings and an trapeze swing for acrobatic moves. Be the king or queen of the backyard terrain with the KidKraft Hilltop Playset.

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