Lil' Friends Play Kitchen

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Emojin' the fun in the expressive KidKraft Lil' Friends Play Kitchen that's full of personality! With its own line of accessories, these new kitchen buddies will be fully equipped for cooking duty. Cheerfully decorated, this pastel-hued baking center is ready to whip up creativity. All doors feature cutout notches for opening and closing with ease. Magical graphic prints pop up on the bin, mitt and even the cookies! With so much to discover—knobs, buttons, accessories—there will be stories, smiles and sweet surprises all day in the Lil' Friends Play Kitchen.


Printed storage bin and oven mitt for extra play. Kitchen utensils all have their own unique faces. Cookie tray with 6 iced cookies in three shapes—stars, flowers and unicorns.  

Minimum recommended age: 3 years old

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