Magical Dreams Castle Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™

Dhs. 799.00

Fantasies come to life for 12-inch dolls in the Magical Dreams Castle Dollhouse from KidKraft! Full of dreamy details, this dollhouse has a grand staircase that leads up to a garden patio. Fully furnished with 16 pieces of furniture and accessories, this house is ready for royal celebrations—there's even a tiered party cake! Kids can get more hands-on in the palace with interactive components—cabinet doors open and close, piano and toilet make sounds, chandelier lights up, and there's even a post-in note easel for impromptu artwork. A sheet of stickers lets castle decorators adorn the walls with majestic accents. Peel them off and use again and again in different spots. Beautiful twin balconies, a fabric canopy roof and grand shapes make this dollhouse perfect for princess make believe stories to come true.


3 levels. 5 rooms. Piano with sounds. Light-up crystal-look chandelier. Flushing toliet. Grand staircase. Throne room with sitting area. 

Minimum recommended age: 3 years old

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