Outdoor Playhouses & Swing Sets

Dhs. 6,999.00
The sky's the limit when it comes to play zones in the Overland Heights Swing Set from KidKraft. Soar through active and imaginative play on this expansive wooden backyard playset. There are plenty of spots for multiple kids to play and make believe. A trio of swings is ready for high-flying trapeze adventures. A duo of slides lets kids imagine they're sledding down a mountain. Side-to-side slides make it fun to race each other as well. Wooden monkey bars become the daring way over a waterfall. With two clubhouse levels, there's ample room to have a little bit of downtime too. Use the top portion as a hangout with all your buddies. The windows on the upper level even have mesh coverings to help block out the sun and keep it cooler. Cook up a backyard feast on the cooktop and serve to your guests at the window ledge and bench area. Play a quick game of tic-tac-toe on the chalkboard while you wait. Climb the rock wall ladder to the upper level to survey the landscape and plan your next journey. With the Overland Heights as your base, it'll be epic. Set is crafted of premium, recyclable materials with child-friendly, water-based stain for long-lasting play.

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