Pastel Harmony Rose Floral Box With Personalised Hot Air Balloon

Dhs. 449.00
Elevate your gift with our "Pastel Harmony Rose Bouquet with Personalised Balloon." This exquisite bouquet combines the soft beauty of peach, white, and pink roses to create a stunning visual and emotional impact.

Surround your heartfelt message with the warm, inviting peach roses, symbolizing appreciation. Embrace the promise of a fresh start with the pure white roses, representing purity and simplicity. Add a playful touch with the captivating pink roses, symbolizing admiration and joy.

Make it truly personal by customizing the included balloon with your own heartfelt message. This bouquet, along with your unique message, is perfect for various occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to expressing your love and appreciation. Share your sentiments with elegance and charm through the "Pastel Harmony Rose Bouquet with Personalised Balloon."

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