Personalised Whiskey Glass - Ocean Connexion Glass

Dhs. 85.00

 A perfect gift for a one-of-a-kind Dad! We can create design any design you like with the highest level precision engraving.

Size: 350ml

Sharethelove source high-quality and stylish glassware for our Personalised Glass products - This makes the gift feel extra magical, and will ensure that the user enjoys every sip for years to come!

About this Ocean Connexion Glass:

Ocean Glass is Asia’s leading manufacturer and expertise of world-class quality glassware

Ocean Connexion, a distinctive barware with modern vintage design and unique sparkling reflection from a crystal-like cut design, is created to connect an inspired imagination to a remarkable drinking experience

Premium and high-quality glassware with exceptional clarity for all types of bars, restaurants, hotels, and home use

How to Proceed to Buy:

Simply add this item to your cart and on our cart page you will see an area where you can write a message - Please write here your desired message and the number of the font style design. Alternatively email us your design requirements to

2-3 Days are needed to complete this item.


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