Sinless Choco Green Hamper

Dhs. 219.00
Give your father a nice hamper with beautiful Sansevieria and Sinless Sugar Free Chocolates.
  • Father's Day Sansevieri Plant: Gift your dad the elegance and freshness of a Father's Day Snake Plant. Known for its air-purifying properties and low maintenance, this plant is perfect for adding a touch of green to his living or working space. The Snake Plant symbolizes resilience and strength, reflecting the qualities your dad possesses as an amazing father.
  • Sinless Sugar-Free Chocolate: Indulge your dad's sweet tooth with sinless sugar-free chocolates. Made with premium quality ingredients and without any added sugar, these chocolates offer a guilt-free indulgence that your dad can enjoy without compromising his health goals. Each piece is crafted to perfection, offering rich and decadent flavors that will satisfy his cravings.

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