12 Red Roses

Dhs. 170.00

Presenting our Twelve Red Roses – a luxurious bouquet that speaks the language of love with unparalleled eloquence. This stunning arrangement features a dozen of the finest red roses, carefully selected for their velvety texture and deep, passionate color.

Elegantly crafted, the bouquet is a visual masterpiece, radiating romance and sophistication. Each rose stands as a symbol of love, making this ensemble perfect for special occasions, romantic gestures, or as an expression of deep admiration. The lush greenery that surrounds the roses adds a touch of freshness, enhancing the overall allure of the bouquet.

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, expressing heartfelt emotions, or simply indulging in the joy of giving, the Twelve Red Roses bouquet is a timeless choice. Elevate the moment and create lasting memories with this exquisite arrangement that embodies the beauty and intensity of true love.

Product details:

  • 12 Red Roses
  • 3 Gypso

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