6 Red Roses

Dhs. 122.00
Introducing our Six Red Roses, a classic and heartfelt way to convey love and passion. This enchanting bouquet is a symbol of deep affection, carefully curated with six vibrant red roses that speak volumes without uttering a single word.

Each rose is a testament to beauty and grace, handpicked to ensure perfection in every petal. The deep, rich hue of the red roses exudes warmth and romance, making this bouquet an ideal choice for expressing your love on anniversaries, special occasions, or just because.

Elegantly arranged and accompanied by lush greenery, the Six Red Roses bouquet is a timeless expression of love that transcends words. Its simplicity is its strength, allowing the beauty of each individual rose to shine. Send a message of love that lingers long after the bouquet is received with this stunning arrangement.

Product details:

  • 6 pcs Red Roses
  • Eucalyptus
  • Standard Hand Tied Bouquet

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