Best Mum/Dad Personalised Christmas Socks

Dhs. 90.00

Get a pair of personalised christmas socks for your loved one to make them burst with laugher! Put any persons face or a pets face on the underwear to create the perfect gift!

These socks are Amazingly Comfy featuring a polyester outer and a cotton interior for both superb comfort and quality printability.

Material: Polyester ,Cotton Material Composition: 70% Polyester, 25% cotton, 5% elastane/spandex Polyester outside and a cotton interior for both superb comfort and optimal printability.

To proceed, simply buy this item and send your images & instructions to We will send you proof of the design before printing, you can specify any modifications you would like. We will ask for your final confirmation before printing.

You can request any color for the socks 2-3 Days are needed to complete this item

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