Creativity Car

Dhs. 229.00

17 Interactive Activities.
From interlocking gears and sliding beads to clicking dials and folding mirrors, the Busy Buggy® provides endless engagement that your child is sure to love. The activities vary in difficulty which keeps kids engaged over time. Watch your child discover different features as they learn and grow with this vehicle of endless imagination.
Walk & Ride
The Busy Buggy® doubles as a baby push walker, allowing children to build confidence and balance as they learn to walk. When your child is ready, he or she can sit and scoot around on their push car. From walking to riding, the Busy Buggy® will be a family favorite for years to come.

Storage Under Seat

With the secret storage spot underneath the seat, children can bring along their favorite toys for every adventure, wherever their imagination takes them!


Includes 17 interactive activities!
Provides sensory and imaginative play
Develops fine and gross motor skills
Find other great toys to help babies learn to walk
A high-quality push walker builds confidence and balance
Fun horn noises, moving gears, and an interactive dashboard
Play, walk, ride: three different play modes
Under-seat storage for toys
Suitable for babies and toddlers from 12 months to 3 years old
Maximum weight capacity 42 lbs.


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