Push & Play Walker Wagon With Teddy Bear

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For Your Beginner Walker
Watch your beginner walker flourish with the My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon® with Teddy Bear. The locking handle and 4-wheel stable base allow beginners to safely master their first steps while building confidence and balance.
Two Ways To Play
Enjoy two wagons in one with this versatile toddler wagon. Lock the handle in place to use as a walker wagon for beginner walkers. As your little one becomes more confident on their own two feet, unlock the folding handle to use as a pull wagon and watch your child enjoy endless hours of fun!
Cuddle Up With Your Teddy!
This cute, lightweight wagon also comes with an adorable teddy bear. Your child will love bringing their new friend along for imaginative adventures everywhere they go. The wagon’s deep sides allow it to double as a perfect utility toy box for additional stuffed animals, toys, and play essentials.


2 wagons in 1: push walker with a locked handle & toy wagon
The 4-wheel base for stability and balance with a controlled turning radius
Deep plastic body
Suitable to toddlers ages 1 to 4 years old
Durable rolling wheels
Perfect for towing and stowing toys


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