True Love Box

by Roses
Dhs. 189.00

Ignite the flame of passion with our True Love Box, a curated masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of romance. This enchanting arrangement features a dozen deep red roses, meticulously arranged in a stylish box. Symbolizing enduring love and commitment, each bloom exudes an unmistakable allure. Perfect for anniversaries, declarations of love, or any moment where heartfelt emotions take center stage, the True Love Box is a timeless expression of affection that speaks volumes without words. Celebrate love in its purest form with this unforgettable and elegant gift. Choose from White, Pink or Red round box.

Quantities per size:

  • Small (6 Roses, 2 Chrysanthemum, 4 Hypericum)
  • Medium (10 Roses, 3 Chrysanthemum, 6 Hypericum)
  • Large (15 Roses, 6 Chrysanthemum, 10 Hypericum)

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